Dear Friends,

What a year it has been, and a great beginning for 2018. I honestly can’t believe the number of wonderful customers that I have met who have ordered cakes, cookies and cupcakes from me. And I am grateful for each and every person that I have served. As I finish up the last remaining orders from 2017, I have been reflecting on the future of the Gingersnap Cake Shop.

Keeping up with the demand for my products has stretched me further than I have ever been stretched before; physically, mentally and emotionally. I underestimated how quickly my business would grow, and at times, it left me wondering how I would keep up with orders while maintaining such high quality work.

It is clear to me now that I need to figure out my next steps so that I can ramp up production more effectively. That is why I have decided to take a break from retail cake sales and focus on growing my wedding cake business in the future. I will no longer take custom cake orders but focus on Wedding Cakes and will have limited dates available for the 2018 Wedding season.

It has been a year of discovery for me as I launched my business; figuring out what worked and what needed improvement. One thing I know for certain is that working with Kelly’s Roots has been amazing! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Kelly and her staff. They were extremely supportive and cooperative, and I am very lucky to have met everyone there.

As I take time to regroup, I will continue to search for ways that I can improve my processes to become more efficient while maintaining a high level of artistry. I will seek out advice and work to find a feasible business model that will be sustainable for the short and long run.

I thank every person who shared a photo, referred a friend, ordered a GingerSnap sweet or gave me a kind word. It is all of you who propelled my business forward with lightning speed— and I am forever grateful.

With Kindness,






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"It is my mission to create cakes that reflect the love and energy of an event or someone’s special day. Sharing cake is an important ritual that deserves the very best." 

~Sandy Previty, The GingerSnap Cake Shop, Owner

As a mother of two young children, Sandy challenged herself to make the best cakes possible for her children’s birthday parties. Delving into experimental recipes, teaching herself decorating techniques and using the finest ingredients, she soon developed a reputation among family and friends for her beautiful and delicious cakes. Through word of mouth, she began making cakes for parties across the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

In 2009, Sandy joined the team at the well-known bakery, White Flower Cake Shoppe, thus elevating her passion to a new level. Under the direction of Marianne Carroll and Lauren Bozich, Sandy refined her skills; the fine art of buttercream, all-scratch recipe development, scrolling and precision technique, and the execution of floral design. With great teachers by her side, Sandy learned quickly and was promoted to lead decorator for the next seven years. The experience gained through her years at White Flower Cake Shoppe is what sets Sandy apart from others, and for this she is forever grateful.

With an “empty nest” and a desire for new adventures, Sandy set forth to a new home in Glens Falls, NY. Through much bravery and the love and support of family and friends, Sandy launched The GingerSnap Cake Shop. She is thrilled to be sharing her talents in her new hometown and helping her clients to Celebrate Life Sweetly.



If you have a request for a cake, cupcake or cookie order, feel free to fill out this form or via the information below.

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